How To Look Young Today With Aloe Vera

How To Look Young Today With Aloe Vera


As we age, everyone begins to worry about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the loss of elasticity in their skin.

Not only having the desire to look younger longer, people are always in search of the cure all remedy that will fix a host of common ailments.

How often do you hear of the aloe plant in the kitchen or of aloe plants growing outside in the garden with stories of breaking off a piece of aloe leaf and applying it to the skin to alleviate the pain of sunburn or some minor skin irritation.

The aloe plant not only has a reputation for the fast healing of minor wounds and its anti-inflammatory qualities but enterprising cosmetic companies are using aloe to help beautify and make gorgeous their clients.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera



For centuries the aloe vera plant has been used in herbal medicine.

The Ancient Egyptians used it to treat a range of ailments such as burns and diseases of the digestive tract.

Cleopatra attributed her great beauty to the use of aloe.

Alexander the Great is said to have sent a commission to the Island of Socotra to research aloe. He was prompted by Aristotle in 325BC to conquer the island so that the thereupetic aloe would be readily available for his troops.1

In the Christian religion, Nicodemus came in the night and used aloe to anoint the body of Christ.

The aloe vera plant looks like a cactus but it actually belongs to the lily family. It is an evergreen, short stemmed with grey green, thick, fleshy, succulent leaves that has serrated edges. It grows to 60–100 cm (24–39 in) tall. 

There are well over 300 species of the plant. The aloe plant that is well recognised for its healing qualities is Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

Up until the mid 1940s most of the healing claims about aloe vera were anecdotal. Then a doctor working with burn victims found that aloe proved to be a very effective treatment for the pain of burns and that it helped to reduce healing time.

Dr Ivan E. Danhof, PhD, M.D, as a result of all his extensive research and investigations, became the leading expert on aloe vera and has often been quoted as the “Father of Aloe.” He is the foremost expert having published many research papers on the scientific, proven components of aloe vera and its polysaccharides.

Miracle plant


The plant, often called the miracle plant, is thought to have originated in northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. 

It is widely cultivated today in southern Texas, Mexico, and coastal Venezuela and these days aloe plants are found throughout the world particularly in temperate zones.


200 constituents


The inner leaf of the aloe plant includes essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and naturally occurring sugars known as polysaccharides. Over 200 constituents are found in its gel.




Unique to aloe vera are its polysaccharides. Modern science has not been able to synthetically manufacture the polysaccharides in active aloe vera.

Polysaccharides form the basis for many of aloe vera’s outstanding, healing results to the body when both consumed internally or applied externally.

Polysaccharides found in active aloe vera are biological sugars. There are also saccharides which are naturally occurring sugars. 

Research now exists that demonstrates that the role of these biological sugar molecules and indicates that these complexes may be closely linked to the healthy functioning of the body’s systems.

Naturally occurring sugars and biological sugars help defend the body against disease.



Aloe vera


Aloe vera contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid, Niacin, Biotin and Inositol. When the highest quality active aloe vera is used or consumed the body operates at its optimum level.

The body needs the right amount of minerals to function well and aloe vera has 13 of the 17 essential minerals. 

For proper nutritional balance, the body needs sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium and iron.


Amino Acids


Amino acids are essential to the healthy functioning of the body. These are the building blocks of protein. Active aloe vera typically provides 20 of 22 necessary amino acids required by the human body and seven of the eight essential amino acids. 

Amino acids help stimulate the immune system and strengthen the body’s natural resistance to disease.


Aloe juice


Aloe juice

Lemon & lime Aloe Juice

Aloe vera juice is made from the inner leaf of the plant – the gel. This has to be very carefully separated from the toxic, outer leaf, known as aloin.

Organic, active aloe vera juice comes from Aloe Barbadensis Miller – the aloe vera plant known for its soothing properties. 

It has been described as the miracle plant because of its various beneficial and regenerative properties.

For thousands of years people have been using inner leaf aloe vera externally because it has anti-flammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Therapeutic benefits


Aloe vera has a great reputation for its therapeutic healing powers so it stands to reason that aloe vera juice would be extremely beneficial when taken internally.

Aloe juice may assist with symptoms of many common ailments – helping to relieve the body of pain associated with them. 

Aloe gel can be applied to burns and scalds, insect bites, nettle stings, and pain in general and for quick and rapid healing. Aloe takes the sting out of insect bites, it settles mysterious rashes, and it is effective with athletes foot.

Aloe is a wonderful moisturiser, it can help reverse the signs of ageing and can aid a decrease of pigmentation and dark age spots. Aloe helps psoriasis and eczema, may assist with irritable bowel syndrome, and there are reports that it may even lower blood sugar levels.

Try using aloe as a mouthwash. Because of its natural ingredients including plenty of Vitamin C, aloe is good for bleeding or swollen gums.

Other cherished wound healing, therapeutic and pain relief applications include:






mild burns  


mild digestive complaints  

mild gastric conditions

sunburn, and 

immune system complaints.


If you drink aloe vera juice regularly you will feel a greater sense of well-being. Energy levels may be enhanced and with improved gastrointestinal function reports are that aloe may even help with weight control. 




Any part of the body that becomes inflamed is likely to result in pain and discomfort. One of the benefits of aloe vera is that it may provide soothing relief for arthritis.

Osteoarthritis, which affects bones, ligaments and cartilage, is common in older people. The joints become stiff and lose flexibility and can result in inflammation and pain.

Aloe vera lubricates the joints, its anti-inflammatory qualities provide soothing relief for pain and assisting with muscle mobility.




Packed with natural detoxifying abilities, aloe vera helps clean the digestive system helping to increase protein absorption and improve bowel regularity.

Aloe has a positive effect on the lining of the bowel and promotes the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

Aloe goes to work inside the body, helping to kill off harmful bacteria while leaving alone friendly bacteria that aid digestion.

Common ailments like ulcers, constipation, mild digestive and gastric conditions and complaints of the immune system can all be improved with regular the consumption of aloe vera.


Immune support


Aloe vera helps take the burden off the immune system, allowing it to be strengthened and be more effective at what it does.


Healthy Skin – Anti-ageing Properties


Not only does aloe benefit the body when taken internally aloe positively benefits the skin. 

Hydrating Gel

Hydrating gel

Aloe vera in personal skin care can treat, exfoliate, restore, and provide constant, impressive nutrition to the skin.

A regular dose of aloe juice not only boosts a person’s overall immunity it may assist in slowing down the ageing process.

Aloe vera helps skin, preserving and nourishing the cells of the skin making it baby-like.   It penetrates and absorbs into the dermis and acts as a natural humectant resulting in beautiful skin. 

Aloe protects providing full immune function to cells, and its anti-inflammatory qualities reduce blemishes, assists with redness, and has soothing properties.

In recent years aloe vera has been a popular ingredient in cosmetic products because of its healing properties. Apart from its application to skin care aloe is well known for its healing benefits when applied to burns, abrasions, psoriasis, skin irritations and insect bites.




Healing is accelerated when aloe is applied to burns. In particular aloe gel puts a protective layer on top of the skin. Redness and swelling from burns and sun burn disappear  within a couple of days without even the skin peeling off.

Aloe vera facilitates the healing of wounds and damaged skin tissue its antiseptic agents helping to fight infection and soothe symptoms.




This miracle plant may benefit common ailments like acne.

Unfortunately, acne hits people at a time when they most want to look their best. Acne can make teenagers suffer loss of self-esteem and make them feel embarrassed or bad about themselves.

Acne is  a condition that teenagers have to deal with and sometimes even adults suffer from it.   Often acne means that the body internally is out of balance.

As well as applying aloe to the skin a regular, daily dose of aloe juice supplies nutrients that the body needs and which is often lacking. In doing so the juice helps the body function at its optimum level and is instrumental in how to look young today.

A regular dose of the juice not only boosts a person’s overall immunity it may assist in slowing down the ageing process.

It helps skin. A daily dose may just be just what the skin is thirsting for.

From this single source – the aloe vera plant – the body gets its supply of many of the essential nutrition it needs – vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

The Pro-Ma Optimum Health Aloe juice Micropulp is 99% pure and natural. It is organically grown Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Juice, providing a healthy fresh beverage to detoxify and normalise the entire body’s system.

The processing method has important implications for the number and amount of active ingredients found in an aloe vera product.  Processing is critical for determining whether the end product contains all the active ingredients necessary for maximising health benefits. Some processing methods can result in little or no active ingredients.


Nutritious daily supplement


Aloe Juice is a nutritious daily supplement which helps maintain a healthy digestive function.

aloe vera

Aloe juice and Massage lotion

With over 25 years experience, Pro-Ma Systems has combined extensive research, knowledge and expertise with the very latest technology to deliver the most beneficial Aloe Vera drinking juice available anywhere in the world today. 

This unique, proprietary formula has been developed by leading experts to provide the maximum health giving benefits from the already well documented Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant.

The Pro-ma pure inner leaf aloe vera gel is extracted using state-of-the-art processes and high quality control standards.

The Aloe Barbadensis Miller that makes up the Pro-ma juice is grown using 100% organic farming techniques without the use of chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides or fungicides. 

The Pro-Ma proprietary formula is the direct result of consultation with Dr Ivan Danhof, the internationally renowned medical scientist whose life work has been the study and education of the healing properties of aloe vera.

Standards set by Dr Ivan Danhof resulted in a juice consisting of cold processed, filet gel with micronised pulp. This micronisation of the pulp distributes both the fibre and pulp consistently throughout each bottle of aloe vera drinking juice.

The juice is extremely high in polysaccharides, the key to so many of the health promoting benefits.

All processing is to International Science Council Standards and the juice is processed in an A.C.O registered (Australian CertifiedOrganic) facility.

Every bottle of Inner Leaf Aloe Vera Juice is bottled under strict TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) requirements, in the TGA licensed facility.

This gives you quality assurance that the product is of the highest standard the TGA enforces.


How to look young today


Aloe juice helps the body function at its optimum level and is instrumental in how to look young today.

It helps to give a greater feeling of health and well-being, as well as increased energy and balanced weight management through improved gastrointestinal function. 

This ability to normalize and balance the body’s system allows a more active, energised lifestyle.

A regular dose of the juice not only boosts a person’s overall immunity it may contribute to slowing down the ageing process.

It helps skin and the body and a daily dose may just be what the skin and body has been thirsting for.


1  Danhof, Ivan E    Remarkable Aloe: Aloe Through The Ages. Grand Prairie, Texas, Omnimedicus. 1987.



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