How To Look Young Today With The Grace Cosmetics Non-Surgical Facelift

How To Look Young Today With The Grace Cosmetics Non-Surgical Facelift


Look Younger without any extreme procedures or expensive treatments.

Reclaim the youthful and radiant skin you had years ago and get instant dramatic results with a visible lift.

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Non-surgical Facelift


Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit

Skin Type: All
Instantly tightens and tones.






The Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit contains Firming Face Lift Powder, Aloe Face Lift Activator, Vital Skin Oils and Face Lift Brush


Aloe Face Lift Activator and Firming Face Lift Powder


• Reveals instant, dramatic results by giving a visible lift.

• Exercises facial muscles while tightening and toning your skin.

• Restores elasticity to your skin, giving it a visibly younger appearance.

• Stimulates circulation and hydrates your skin.

• Ingredients include: Organically grown aloe vera, herbal extracts of alfalfa, chickweed, chamomile, goldenseal, rose hip, comfrey, peppermint oil, elderflower and witch-hazel.

Skin Types

For all skin types.


Firming Face Lift Powder 55g, Aloe Face Lift Activator 100mL



How to look young today

Vital Skin Oils


• Helps replace essential vitamins that can only be absorbed through the skin.

• Stimulates skin elasticity.

• Excellent for scarred and sensitive skin, dermatitis, eczema and cradle cap.

• Water soluble and pH neutral.




Non-surgical facelift

Applying the Non-Surgical Face Lift


Step 1. Cleanse your face and throat thoroughly, being careful to remove all residue of cleanser. Pat dry.

Step 2. Apply Vital Skin Oils in a circle around your eyes and mouth to protect delicate skin tissue.

Step 3. Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of Face Lift Powder to 1 heaped teaspoon of Face Lift Activator to a smooth, honey-like consistency.

Step 4. Using the Face Lift Brush, apply to face and throat area in an upward motion. Use remaining mixture to brush onto your face in an outward and upward motion.

Step 5. Relax. Lie down for 30 minutes and allow the Face Lift to work for you. It is important to not talk or laugh, as the setting process is critical.

Step 6. Remove Face Lift with warm water and face cloth. Dry and apply a few drops of Vital Skin Oils to your face and throat.



“Leaves my skin feeling soft and smoother with even colour”  Joanne Lumsden, Sydney


“I feel so good and look so good that meeting new people is a breeze. I love the non-surgical facelift”  Sandra Shurey, Nowra, NSW


“The non-surgical facelift has incredible age-defying benefits with high aloe vera content leaving your skin looking younger and more beautiful”  Sherien Foley, Gold Coast



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