5 Healthy Skin Care Habits

How To Look Young Today

5 Healthy Skin Care Habits


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Doesn’t every woman aspire to have perfect, radiant, and glowing skin?

And doesn’t every woman want to look more youthful?

Learn how to look young today with these 5 healthy skin care habits.

Contributing factors


There are major factors that can cause your skin to be the very opposite of glowing and radiant.

Stress, lack of sleep, inadequate diet, too much sun, smoking, excess alcohol, insufficient exercise –  all of these are contributing factors to making the skin dull and lifeless.

On a regular basis by incorporating 5 healthy habits into your daily life you can slow down the ageing process and the loss of glow and radiance from your skin.

Daily routine


* Each morning and evening cleanse and moisturise your skin.   Start the day with fresh skin by cleansing and moisturising and before retiring to bed each night wash and moisturise again.

Remove all makeup. At night time the skin needs to breathe.  If the pores get clogged the skin might break out with  pimples and other annoying blemishes.

Once the make up is removed go to bed, relax and try to sleep for at least eight hours.

Aloe Deep Cleanser


* Not only does regular exercise help you to keep on looking younger longer it contributes to a healthy, glowing complexion. Exercise promotes and improves circulation helping to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

The rewards of exercise not only help you to slim down and tone the body but there are the subtle changes that revamp the body and psyche.


* Ever heard the phrase – “Your are what you eat?”  Keep a note of what you put on your plate. If you want to wreck your complexion do so by eating too much food laden with sugar and fat.

Eat foods rich in Vitamin A – more sweet potato, carrots, leafy greens . Fish, almonds and walnuts contribute Omega-3s. Ease up on alcohol, and consume more vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes.


Sun protection

* Everyday be diligent with your sun protection. SPF application should be part of a daily skin care routine. Years and years of exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and skin cancers.

If you want to know how to look young today protect your skin from the sun.



* Every skin care expert emphasises the need to hydrate. Drink lots of water daily, at least 8 glasses if not more. Whenever a celebrity is asked about their beauty secrets they all talk about how it is important to drink plenty of water.

Water helps achieve optimum skin moisture and helps delay the appearance of signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.


Marji Hill

Independent Distributor

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