A Face Lift Without The Surgery

A Face Lift Without The Surgery 

 Grace Non-Surgical Facelift


I’ve been using the Grace Non-surgical Facelift for many years and it just so happens to be my favourite product in the Grace Cosmetics collection.

The truth is, as you get older, you seem to have more and more fine lines and wrinkles. I’m sure I’m correct in saying this?

Now, there is no need to feel embarrassed that your skin has aged anymore! 

The Non-Surgical Face Lift is a revolutionary product like no other. It’s a unique blend of cosmeceutical grade actives and botanical organic ingredients that work together to aid tired facial muscles, reduce the signs of ageing and improve the overall colour and tone of the skin.

The non-surgical facelift is a set of three (3) products formulated by the Australian corporation, Grace Cosmetics.

Locally made at Helensvale on the Gold Coast, the Grace formulations are Australian made, natural and botanical, aloe vera based, and are not tested on animals.

Always the non-surgical face lift is a very enjoyable, simple, relaxing and very  effective for maintaining and restoring that youthful look.

The facelift tightens and firms the skin. 

As we age our pores loose elasticity and become enlarged. The lift will refine enlarged pores and will help to promote a youthful glow. Skin colour improves as pigmentation diminishes.

The non-surgical facelift experience is like giving your face a workout at the gym.

It’s a great treatment for acne, excess oil, sallow complexion, pigmentation, scar tissue, dermatitis and eczema on the face along with Rosacea.

It’s good when experiencing the facelift for the first time to apply it to only half the face. You will then witness the instant results.

The Grace Non-surgical Facelift treatment will turn your skin troubles into a past memory.

Seeing is believing! Want to give it a go? Click here.


Marji Hill

Grace Cosmetics Independent Distributor Promotion

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