Do You Suffer From Pain?

Do You Suffer From Pain?



Are you in pain? Are your muscles sore from too much exercise?

Could you be suffering pain in your knees, feet, legs, elbows, shoulder, back? Are you experiencing headaches or migraine?

Arthritic pain and stiffness may be relieved by massaging aloe vera cream into affected parts of the body.  Aloe vera contains substances that make it anti-inflammatory.

There is an aloe vera cream that is a combination of organically grown aloe vera combined with other ingredients such as wintergreen, camphor, clove oil and eucalyptus. This combination of ingredients makes for a powerful pain relief remedy.

Organically grown aloe vera penetrates that upper layer of skin and goes deep into the tissues.

From my personal experience this aloe vera based Massage Lotion when massaged into the affected area gives quick, temporary relief – relief can take effect within less than 5 minutes.

Marji Hill

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