How to get that ageless look—naturally

How To Look Young Today



How to get that ageless look—naturally




Look into the mirror and examine your face. Focus on the skin and what do you discover?   A little line here, a sagging bit there, and oh  horror – a bag there.

You question if you are looking older than you really are.


Is your body now giving away your age?


A loss of collagen and elasticity can cause fine lines and wrinkles. And if you laugh too much or squint these repeated muscle motions etch crow’s feet around the eyes and mouth.


There is a solution to reduce the signs of ageing by targeting fine lines and wrinkles.


One way of tackling these trouble spots is to use anti-ageing skin care.   The Grace Cosmetic’s Firming Rejuvenating Mask will assist in getting that ageless look – naturally.

Firming Rejuvenating Mask

Firming Rejuvenating Mask

This mask is an aloe vera based, therapeutic grade formula with botanic organic blends.


Ingredients found in the mask are organically grown aloe vera Glycolift®, Gatuline Intense®, Zemea®, argan oil, green tea, French green clay, kaolin clay and sunflower seed oil.


Because of its anti inflammatory qualities, the Firming Rejuvenating Mask will benefit a younger person who suffers oily skin or a break out of acne.


Want to know how to look young today?  The Firming Rejuvenating Mask purifies, protects, and detoxifies your skin leaving it feeling like new again. The skin becomes firmer, revitalised, and looks lighter and younger.


If you want your skin to feel like a baby’s and to feel soft and smooth then try this mask.


Use the Firming Rejuvenating Mask two or three times a week applying a small amount and using upward and outward strokes, until all the face and neck areas are covered.   Leave the mask on for around  20 to 30 minutes before removing with a warm, wet cloth and you will achieve that ageless look


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