How To Look Young Today So Eat Like A Bird

How To Look Young Today So Eat Like A Bird


Monitor what you eat, control your calorie intake, eat smaller portions, consume more protein and vegetables, give up sugar, reduce the quantity of pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes, limit the intake of wine, and exercise.

Diet and exercise it seems are keys to weight loss. And a key to how to look young today is to look trim and attractive.

Do all of the above, exert some discipline, and above all be patient.



weight loss


The older a woman gets the more weight she puts on. And after menopause weight gain for women is an even greater problem.

Once that weight gets on it is so hard taking it off. Then keeping it off is even harder.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Eating is so enjoyable – it is pleasurable. The sight, smell and taste of food arouses the taste buds stimulating not only a desire to eat but also a desire to enjoy that food with a lovely, cold glass of wine. And then not just one glass of wine but several. Good food and wine are among the great pleasures in life.

Bit by bit the kilograms increase. Clothes are not fitting well any more. And the bathroom scales… Oh! Horror!

Time for a reality check!

You push the panic button.

Your health is becoming compromised. That once slim and attractive body is not anymore. You are suddenly faced with problems of self-esteem.

pastedGraphic.pngAction time! The decision is to lose at least 5 kilograms.

Weight loss goal

The first strategy is to set a weight loss goal. Write down the amount of weight you realistically plan to lose. Have a dedicated exercise book in which you can document your weight loss journey.

Set a date for losing that first 5 kilograms. Each week try setting a small goal to lose a little bit of weight. You might try for half a kilogram. Again write that weekly goal.

If you achieve that then reward yourself with something you like to do. A massage or a trip to the movies?

Secondly, at the start of your weight loss program weigh and measure yourself. Record those figures in your weight loss diary. Measure yourself: bust, waist, hips, thighs, and tops of the arms. Then, as each week goes by, keep recording your latest weight and body measurements.

Document the food and drink you are consuming on a daily basis.

What did you eat for breakfast?

What did you eat for lunch?

What did you eat for dinner?

Did you eat between meals?

How much alcohol did you drink?

Did you have any soft drink or fruit juice?

Thirdly, start your weight loss journey.

Weight loss journey

All weight loss programs must incorporate exercise, diet, and probably some kind of weight loss solution to help you along the way.

Weight loss solutions come in all different forms – weight loss supplements, protein shakes, meal replacements, or special programs like the HCG diet, Weight Watchers, Lite n Easy, Jenny Craig. The market place is inundated with solutions for the weight loss industry.

Exercise program

pastedGraphic.pngA weight loss program must include exercise. Exercise burns calories. Not only does exercise hep you to become trimmer and slimmer it helps prevent loss of muscle mass. Exercise assists with controlling your weight over time.

Running, or riding an exercise bike, is one of the best forms of exercise for aiding weight loss. But if you think that is just too energetic then consider walking.

Walking can provide many of the same health benefits associated with running particularly if you have a pedometer in your smartphone or a fit bit that helps monitor the number of steps you walk each day. If you can do 10,000 steps a day then that is fantastic – you are on your way to looking trim and slim.

Incorporate incidental exercise into your daily life. Apart from formal exercise to burn calories just keep moving. Take to the stairs, walk to a destination, avoid sitting.

If your work means you are sedentary throughout most of the day set an alarm to remind yourself to get up from your chair and walk around for a bit. Limit the amount of time you are sitting.

Healthy diet

Eat a well balanced diet that incorporates fish, poultry, other lean meats, and dairy foods together with an ample supply of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Keep refined grains, sugary foods, and saturated fats to a minimum. Incorporate into this diet aloe juice.

aloe juice

Pro-Ma Optimum Health Aloe Juice Micro Pulp is 99% pure organically grown Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Juice, providing a healthy fresh beverage for the health conscious person.

Aloe Vera juice is derived from the Aloe Barbadensis Miller, a plant known for its soothing properties and packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Portion control is key. Look at your food portions and educate yourself to keep food portions small. Just eat like a bird!

A Pro-Ma weight loss solution


Pro-ma Systems offers a meal replacement solution. It is called OPTIW8.

Meal replacement

This solution is a revolutionary, high quality whey based powder containing macro and micro nutrients to provide rapid and sustaining protein delivery.  It gives a feeling of satisfaction which is an important part of any weight management program.

The fibre rich psyllium husks are clinically proven to lower cholesterol absorption. This means that  Pro-Ma OPTIW8 is not only a healthy, great tasting shake but one which incorporates most of the essential vitamins and minerals. This along with antioxidants helps the body produce necessary energy and provides immune support while achieving optimum weight goals.

Pro-Ma OPTIW8 is the easy, healthy way to help achieve weight management.

Its main benefits are:

▪Maintains healthy cholesterol by assisting in the prevention of cholesterol re-absorption

▪Promotes energy

▪Fibre rich

▪Naturally sweetened

▪Contains essential vitamins & minerals

The OptiW8 weight loss solution means you can miss a meal each day and replace it with a delightful tasting drink. Just mix cold water with the powder. If you stick with this program watch the pounds come off. And if you are keen to know how to look young today OPTIW8 helps you to just eat like a bird.

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