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My Favourite Products From Grace

One of my long standing customers, Lynette Scott from Sydney, has provided the following testimonial on her favourite products from the Grace Cosmetics collection.

She says: “I have been using Grace products for several years now.  Grace products are manufactured in Queensland with organically grown aloe vera being the primary ingredient.

Aloe moisture cream

I have my favourites. They are are, the Aloe Moisture Cream which I use for my face.

Then I love the Aloe-aid SoothingSprayMassage Lotion and Aloe Medicated Skin Cream. These products are all high quality , really smooth and are soothing, and they have multiple uses.

Aloe-aid soothing spray

I suffer from chronic muscle pain, and for me the massage lotion which contains wintergreen, is a real winner.

Not only does it relax me, but when I have a cold, or a tight chest, it calms and helps me breathe better.”

Lynette Scott, Sydney


massage lotion

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