Platinum Wrinkle Solution With Marine Collagen

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Platinum Wrinkle Solution

Platinum Wrinkle Solution With Marine Collagen



Harvested from the sea and inspired by nature, Platinum Wrinkle Solution With Marine Collagen is your secret weapon for smoother, younger looking skin. As a natural protein, Marine Collagen strengthens and restores elasticity whilst its potent antioxidant properties combat free radicals.

All natural ingredients


Powerful natural ingredients are carefully selected to enhance the skin’s appearance and influence its biological function at a cellular level. High levels of organically grown aloe vera work in perfect synergy with these essential nutrients to provide dramatic and lasting results long after the initial application.

Grace Cosmetics is Australian made in our own TGA, ACO facility to the highest Australian standards. Our skincare is always free from harmful chemicals, toxins, artificial preservatives, colourants or perfumes and, of course, Grace Cosmetics are never tested on animals.


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