Redefine Your Skin In Minutes

Redefine Your Skin In Minutes


Non-Surgical Facelift


Is your skin looking saggy?

Do you have dark circles or bags under your eyes?

Are you experiencing more wrinkles and fine lines?

Have you impurities trapped deep in pores?



Life isn’t perfect, but your skin can be. Have you tried our all-in-one, fast acting facial treatment?  

It’s as simple as painting it on with a brush and while it’s drying you feel the immediate pull. In fact, the tightening is so intense, you wouldn’t expect it from an at home mask.

Our Grace Non-surgical facelift set is a 3 part all natural formula that works in perfect synergy to redefine your skin in an instant.

The power of this formula includes aloe vera which stimulates collagen production, chickweed that naturally tightens and tones, eucalyptus which is a potent antiseptic and heals, and botanical oils that replenishes essential nutrients.

The kit includes Aloe Face Lift Activator, Firming Face Lift Powder, Vital Skin Oils and a Brush.

You will love the way it makes your skin feel so smooth so take advantage before 30 June 2018 and click here. 

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Marji Hill

Independent Distributor Promotion

Grace Cosmetics


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