Simplify Your Beauty Routine!

Simplify Your Beauty Routine!



Infiniti Tinted Nourishing Cream


Do you want to simplify your beauty routine and save time looking your best?

My favourite product for quickly looking good is to apply a moisturiser combined with a 15 SPF protection sunscreen and foundation tint. This is the Infiniti Tinted Nourishing Cream an all in one formula.

You can quickly apply a small amount to you face using your finger tips and blending in an upward and outward motion.

The formula gives you a healthy glow and a slightly polished look so that you will look good when you run down to the shops or engage in any other activity outside the home.

So quick and easy to apply and keeps the skin soft and moisturised.

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Marji Hill

Independent Distributor Promotion

Grace Cosmetics


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