Skin Care Travel Essentials

Skin Care Travel Essentials


Marji Hill


Hey it’s Marji here.

For past couple weeks I’ve been in Sydney house sitting and looking after the dog for the family.

I decided to travel lightly.

Well, that was a challenge because I like to keep looking after my skin no matter where I am.

So I decided to take only three products. I selected the Aloe Deep Cleanser, the Platinum Reverse Wrinkle Serum, and the Platinum Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser.

Every morning when I had my shower I applied the cleanser and then washed it off with a washer.

Then when drying myself I put a tiny bit of serum over my skin. Then allowing it to absorb for a couple minutes I followed up by massaging the anti winkle moisturiser into my skin.

I was now set for the day. If going out all I had to do was apply the Tinted Nourishing cream to give my skin a slight polished look and sun protection and then put on some lipstick.

I was all set with a minimum of fuss.

If you just want the basics in skin care for when you are travelling click below.

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Aloe Deep Cleanser   

Reverse Wrinkle Serum   

Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser    

Infiniti Tinted Moisture Cream


Marji Hill

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