Update Your Beauty Look

Update Your Beauty Look


Grace Oil Free Foundation

Update your beauty look with a Grace Oil Free Foundation. The Foundation forms part of the Grace skin care regime. 

It’s different from conventional foundations. Its benefits include:


  1.  high content of certified organically grown aloe vera. This makes the foundation extremely healing and soothing on problematic skin conditions.
  2. Totally water soluble. No pore clogging oils or fillers and free from silicone.
  3. The titanium dioxide offers sun protection for the complexion. This varies from SPF 7 to SPF 15 the lighter shades having the higher SPF.
  4. Calamine and Aloe offers soothing benefits for acne, Rosacea, eczema and dermatitis.
  5. The Grace foundation offers excellent coverage.

Always apply the foundation with a dry sponge and wash the sponge after every application. 

This soothing, natural-looking liquid cream foundation is designed to give a full concealing coverage with a make-up free feeling. 

It’s oil-free, water-soluble formula allows your skin to breathe all day while providing adequate sun protection.

If you are looking for natural coverage then order our Grace oil free foundation here.


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