Is Acne Ruining Your Social Life: Aloe Vera Treatment

How To Look Young Today


Is Acne Ruining Your Social Life: Aloe Vera Treatment



Is acne ruining your social life? Are you too scared to leave the house? Or even to show your face?


Unfortunately, acne hits people at a time when they most want to look their best. Acne can make teenagers suffer loss of self-esteem and make them feel embarrassed or bad about themselves.

Usually you will find that acne happens in teenage years and will continue for some eight to ten years. It can even occur well into adulthood.

Acne is commonly found on the face, the back and the chest. It is caused when the hair follicles are clogged with oil and dead skin cells which become inflamed.

Acne is characterised by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts. Cysts are lumps beneath the skin. They contain pus and other tissue and don’t come to a head as pimples do.

Here are some tips for looking after an acne prone skin using the aloe vera based, natural botanical, Grace Cosmetics formulations.


Wash the skin two times a day with a good cleanser.

Aloe Foaming Cleanser is an anti-bacterial surface wash, which gently cleans and rebalances the skin.

Aloe Foaming Cleanser

It breaks down excess acid and oils and removes all traces of make-up leaving no greasy residue.

Ingredients include: Organically grown aloe vera, Vitamins A, B5 and E and herbal extracts of cucumber and jojoba oil




If the acne is really inflamed you could use the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser which controls and soothes acne or oil prone skin



95% Hydrating Gel

Next apply some 95% Aloe Hydrating Gel which soothes skin irritations and blemishes. Simply place a small amount in the palm of your hand, then massage into your face with fingertips in an upward and outward motion.

A couple of times a week do the Non-Surgical Face Lift treatment which will turn your troubled skin and breakouts into a past memory.





Grace Non-Surgical Facelift


At night time if there is soreness apply Pure Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey 100mL  which will help heal the skin.

By day if you use make up wear a water-based oil-free foundation so that the acne is not worsened by pores that have become clogged as a result of oils and powder. Before retiring to bed the make up must be thoroughly removed.

Avoid picking and squeezing the blemishes as this can lead to scarring.

Take care with your diet ensuring there are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink aloe juice on a daily basis.

A regular, daily dose of aloe juice supplies nutrients that the body needs and which is often lacking. In doing so the juice helps the body function at its optimum level and is instrumental in how to look young today.

aloe juice

Not only does aloe vera benefit the body when taken internally it has positive benefits for the skin. This miracle plant may benefit common ailments like acne.









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